Frequently Asked Questions:

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1 - Why did you choose to write this novel?

2 - Was it hard writing from a point of view of a woman?

3 - How did research change or influence the direction of the novel?

4 - Did you do research before or during the writing?

5 - How long did it take you to write the novel?

6 - How did you balance the demands of teaching, writing, and having a family?  How does teaching affect your writing?

7 - Are there documents of the real Annette’s activities in the resistance?

8 - Is there evidence of Annette in Wordworth’s poetry?

9 - Did you know the Calais section would make readers angry at Wordsworth?

10 - Why couldn’t Annette and William stay together after Calais?

11 - What is the most interesting thing you found out in your research?

12 - Is there a surviving portrait of Annette Vallon?

Additional Questions from an Interview with the Author in HarperCollins On-line Reader's Group Guide

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