Event News: October 2011

Currently working on Black Peter.


          Cat Haiku Cycle

            Digging the cat's grave
as the sun goes down;
            I try to delay the setting.


            Son's moved away; cat's died--
into the quiet house
            pours the autumn moon.


            Four legs faster than two--
beats me down the hall--
            a kitten named Haiku.

Haiku from Maui...



Resting chin
on white coral, eel slithering
beneath him--sea turtle.




The water is so green-clear
I have no thoughts--
white sand at the bottom.




Sunlit bubbles rising
to the surface; another wave comes,
bringing more.



Roar of water on water;
from behind the veil of the falls--
blue sky. 




We take gulps of air,
then descend:
            the sea turtle and I.



The moon path
On the sea is a mile wide—
            room enough for us all to walk.



The moon path stretches
From Maui to Lanai
            Over drowsy turtles.




The tide pool
holds the sky, a blue and white patch
            of infinitude.




The current flows
From darkness, into darkness
            through the bright moon-path.



And for a friend’s birthday:


            In the mountains
another year passes;
            mist among the bamboos.



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