HarperCollins’ FIRST LOOK promotion is a program in which readers from all over the country sign up to receive early galleys of the forthcoming books and give their impressions. The following reviews came in for Annette Vallon  (More reader reviews can be found on Amazon.com) :

“This book was one of the best books that I have had the pleasure of reading in a long, long time! It was full of passion, intrigue, and suspense! This book truly does offer something for everyone!”
 -Kayla (East Lansing, MI)
“Wow! What a great story - I LOVED it! James Tipton's heroine is Annette Vallon, a French woman who lives during the Revolution period. She loves, lives and survives, but she does more than just survive! She soon finds a way to fight back and performs a service with a heroic purpose.  Facing grave danger and risking all she holds dear, she follows her heart and shows us what being a hero is all about. I learned so much about the French Revolution and life in that time period, but I couldn't help but see the parallels with today's news headlines. Wars change little. Annette Vallon could have easily lived today as in the 1700's, and I found that as a modern woman I could readily identify with and appreciate her life. The great appeal of this book is its humanism and fast pace. It's a fabulous adventure and a passionate love story.  I hope it becomes a BEST SELLER for it is very thought provoking and a good read. Annette Vallon lingers on the soul like fine French wine on the tongue.”
-Bedelia (Chenoa, IL)
 “This book is two stories in one. The first story is a love story, about the relationship between Annette Vallon and William Wordsworth. These two romantic souls found their perfect matches in each other, and Annette seemed to inspire Wordsworth's poetry.
Unfortunately, events conspired to prevent them from living their dream of a life together. The second story is the story of France's struggles during the series of waves of violence that made up the French Revolution. As the violence becomes less and less controlled and begins to strike at people who are guilty of nothing more than being at the wrong place at the wrong time, Annette uses her connections and skills to help save some of these innocent souls. This story helps shed a bit of light on the sequence of events during the French Revolution, and reminds us of the huge toll of human suffering that was paid by the people of France. Ultimately, Annette's love for Wordsworth helps her to survive and inspires her to resist the worst abuses. Mixing tragedy and romance, readers may find themselves haunted by this story.”
 -Andrew (Alexandria, VA)
“James Tipton has written a wonderful novel about an obscure woman's life and her love affair with the poet William Wordsworth. Tipton's attention to detail and beautiful prose lure the reader into a historical world that they don't want to leave. Not only does the author tell the story of these lovers, but he also teaches us about the French Revolution.  James Tipton is a wonderful writer who has found a new fan, and hopefully will continue to write such great stories for what will hopefully be a long and fruitful career!”
 -Nicole (Marietta, OH)


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